Through His power
December 29th, 2023
Good Morning Forever Family!We have all been at a place where we have tried to do things in our own strength and seen it fail. The wonderful news is that we don't have to. Praise be to God who gives u...  Read More
by Living Hope Church
Power for all things
December 28th, 2023
Good morning Brothers and Sisters in Christ.We all need strength and power for our journey. God wants to give us all we need to do all things. How You Get Power To “Do All Things”A journey is like mar...  Read More
by Living Hope Church
Love and Obedience
December 27th, 2023
Happy Wednesday forever family! Today let us learn the joy of obedience in Christ! Have a blessed day!The Key To Joyful ObedienceA boy can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty, and the importanc...  Read More
by Living Hope Church
Learning to Trust
December 26th, 2023
Good morning Church family and Happy Tuesday! May God bless you abundantly today. Let us continue with this short devotional from YouVersion on how important it is to depend on God. Skipping The Middl...  Read More
by Living Hope Church
December 25th, 2023
Good morning church family!This weeks we wanted to share with you this little devotional from YouVersion. May God bless your time with your family and friends. We love you and wish you a wonderful day...  Read More
by Living Hope Church
The Christmas Servant
December 20th, 2023
Christmas is so much more beautiful when we celebrate and remember why Jesus came. Hallelujah! He has come to save us from sin and restore us to the Father. Here is a little devotional from Alistair B...  Read More
by Erica Lavallee





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