When we choose to walk with the Lord - Doug

Good morning everyone , Doug here with this mornings Devo from Sundays Message . 

We have been on quite a journey to understanding what it looks like to walk in Freedom and Victory . 

We have come to understand that there are only 2 paths in life , and the hard part is we get to choose which path we will take . 

We decide weather with God or not , Freedom or Bondage , Victory or defeat , Lead by the spirit or gratifying the flesh . 

When we choose to walk with the Lord it's not always easy but we are never alone , never abandoned and never without weaponry and arsenal to defeat what comes against us in the form of temtations to return to the old self . God himself is with us , and will always raise a standart against the enemies plots but we must choose to obey and follow in those times . 

Col 2:20 - My old self has been crucified , It's not me that lives but Christ in me . So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me . 

We have to leave the old man crucified if we want to walk in victory , we have to stop going back to him and trying to resuscitate him when fear and anxiety comes because you cannot walk God's path carying an old corps , that old man needs to stay burried , yet many still walk the path with a shovel over their shoulder and a defibulator in case times get tough they can still go back to their old selves , dig him up and cope with lifes pressures . 
God is calling us to Trust him . Trust His goodness and faithfullness , Trust His character that loves you so much , Trust that He sees the road ahead and we need not panic because His name is over all . We need to Trust His name to walk in Victory . 

So today call upon His name , leave the old man dead , throw the shovel away and hold God's hand , let him light up the path for your feet , let His wisdom guide you in your decision making , let His love help you Love those around you , Let the testimony of the risen Christ shine Hope and send your enemies running . 

Have a great day everyone . See you all tonight !!!!


Annette - May 23rd, 2023 at 7:32am

Thank you Doug! I can make life more difficult than necessary! Just stop digging and look up!

Ashley - May 23rd, 2023 at 5:03pm

Thanks Doug!

This is so true. I like what you said about carrying a shovel and a defibrillator. That old me needs to stay dead and buried where she belongs!

Line - May 30th, 2023 at 4:52am

We need to trust in him. I need to let Him do what he is doing best for me. Sometimes I am my worst enemy. And if we fear it's not even better. I need to remember that God Jesus fight for me in everything. We forget Sometimes. Thank you for the devotion. 🙂❤️





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