Living in God's Reality

Good morning church!

let us seek God together this morning for His reality to be present in our lives.
“Christians follow the truth of God’s revelation, and they walk in God’s reality.” J.R. Waller.
At least we should be walking in such a way. People follow and walk after many different things. Some walk according to their own desires. They allow success, greed, lust, ambition, goals, money and all manner of things to direct their paths. Others follow other men and women such as influencers, leaders, and celebrities. Others still seek after religion and follow man-made systems to find meaning in life while others escape into media and entertainment.

However, we should be living as Christians should, and that requires us to live in His Truth. For the Christian, to walk in truth means to behave and conduct your life in ways that exhibit your allegiance to God and to what He desires for your life. It means liking what He likes, and disliking what He dislikes. It means you are willing to be conformed to Him more and more each day.

Walking in truth means living in accordance with God’s desires, commands and the program found in His revelation, the Bible. It’s living and walking in God’s reality, which is living in real life, not in the life you or someone else thinks is right or real, but living in the life that God defines as real.
And this is the beauty of walking in truth…the more we live after God and in His reality, the more we realize what life is really about – Him, and that’s good news!

Walking in truth is then living after God. Cultivating a lifestyle that walks in truth doesn’t happen overnight. It takes some practice. My encouragement to you today is to start in the word, and make it a continual habit.

“We walk in truth best when we do so knowing about God, His attributes and theology. Studying your Bible is critical to avoid following false ideas about God.” J.R. Waller

God designed the Christian life to be a relationship with Him. As such, walking in truth is part of the continual process whereby we become more like Jesus.

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