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Good Morning Everyone,

Yesterday morning we watched a video sermon called "Pressing on to Maturity" by Pastor Tony Evans. If you have not yet seen it I will post it below. It was a great sermon, and a timely one after we just finished the series "Walking in Victory" with Pastor Mona.

I loved Pastor Tony Evans analogy of how he once use to have a Jheri curl in his hair back in the day. When someone went through the process of having a Jheri curl it required chemicals to first be put in the hair, but after a while when the hair would get dry, the hair would require an activator to be put in. Once the activator was added in the hair it would then make the hair do what it was suppose to do, and work the way it should.

This analogy is so fitting in comparison to us as Christians. As Christians we are saved and we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us. We need to use the Word of God in order to function healthy, grow, and mature. The Word of God is like that curl activator for the Jheri curl. When the Word of God is used and brought into our lives, and practiced being used, it is activated and utilized and is able to inform our everyday life decisions. We can have all the Biblical knowledge in our heads, but if it goes unused in our day to day lives, it won't do what it needs to do and we won't grow and mature the way that God so desires and intends.

My encouragement to you all today, myself included, is to remember that God has given us everything we need to grow and mature in this Christian journey, but let's be more aware and intentional throughout our days of bringing God's Word into our decision making. Even in the simple and mundane day to day things, we need to bring God's Word in and activate it in our lives. Let us press on to maturity like Tony Evans talked about. We have all of Heaven on our side and all the tools we need.

Have a wonderful day!

In Christ,


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