Good morning church body! Hope your night was restful!

Pastor Mona gave us the challenge on Sunday to make the connection between what we are currently going through and what God is doing.

God is always at work!

At time, just like the disciples, all we can see are the challenges and not the assignment that God has set before us.

As she said during her message, we sometimes don’t make the connection with what is happening in our lives, to what God is accomplishing in our trials.

When our eyes become fixated on the circumstances , we become double minded and unable to grasp the hope and the mission before us. we then begin to depend on our own resources , rather than Gods ultimate resources.

we have all that we need in Him, but we sometimes block our own access to that resource by our double mindedness.

God’s assignment in our life is to make us in the image of his son.
God cannot build our character without our cooperation.

are you redirecting your eyes to Him, to see His plan and work in your life?

Pastor Mona summarized our assignment this way:
 Your divine assignment is doing what God wants you to do; having what God wants you to have; going where God wants you to God and then becoming who Gods ultimately wants you to become, which is Christ like.

Love you guys!

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DOROTHY SAVOIE - September 20th, 2023 at 8:44am

lost my message well I was saying that the way Erica you commented I understood better.Yes God has a plan for us.We have a choice.I am looking foward to testefy of His work in me.I dont want to stay where I am.I want to grow up.God please take your place number one in me.I want to be in Gods plan its let go and let God.I am blessed to have a few menbers in church that helps me to go foward toward God.Pastor Mona encouraged me on phone yesterday .I dont want to be like a little girl going towards her mom for affection I want to grow out and be an adult.God I want to Grow up with you so others can see You.Thanks everyone whos help me.





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