A solid foundation

Good morning family of God!

What a wonderful few weeks we have had with this series on victory. I know God has been doing a work in my life with this series and I have seen God doing something in many peoples lives in our church family as well. ❤️

One quote that really spoke to me in our last sermon of this series was the following:

  • You can’t apply what you don’t trust, and you don’t obey what you don’t believe. We keep building on sand because we don’t believe that we have these riches, benefits and blessings from God.

How can we walk in the riches and finished work that Jesus has won for us if we don’t believe that we now have these resources from heaven?

Pastor Mona talked about what it is to walk in the narrow path, this new path that God has allowed us and provided for us through Christ.

Here is what she said:
This path is all about believing in the finished work of the cross and the resurrection. But it is also about learning how to remain on this path by depending on the Spirit of God who dwells in us and walking in the truth of God’s Word. It is this that enables us to obey God and serve others.

This is at the very foundation of us walking in victory!

At the foundation, we have these things we have these to stand on:
  •  Dependance on the Holy Spirit
  • Walking on the truth of God’s word

I once had a crack on a wall of my house.

i love that story if the crack in her wall, no matter how she tried to fix it, it would always come back. Because the issue was not with the wall but with the foundation.

God is calling us to work on our foundation and the rest of our walls will stand.

One less quote that really spoke to me:
You cannot build a skyscraper life on a chicken coop’s foundation. If you want stability in your personal life, your family, your ministry, and your community, you need the strong, sturdy foundation of God’s Word—which includes both knowledge of the Bible and applying it to life.

May God bless you guys abundantly! ❤️

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Line - June 8th, 2023 at 11:02am

We need a good foundation in Christ Jesus to be able to do the word of God. We need to know him personally. Jesus is the way. Thank you Erica ❤️





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