The great Reset

Good morning everyone , hope you all are well rested . Doug here with this mornings devo in collaboration with Sundays message from Pastor Mona. The sun is out and it's suppose to be Hot today.

The world today is speaking of a great reset that will wipe away everyone's debt and you will owe nothing. This theory has been looming in the background of society since the pandemic and it has peaked  the curiosity from the public eye ever since.

Pastor Mona Also Spoke about a Reset but one much different than the world knows. Jesus Christ suffered on the cross to reset the world  ,to pay for my sin so I would owe nothing , to make the father accessible again so that I might enjoy fellowship with God and not walk this journey alone.

What an amazing thought to know that We are free because of what Jesus did. Every morning I wake up God's mercies are new , no matter what happens today I am forgiven and loved and able to approach the throne of God and speak to my father because of Christ's sacrifice.

What a confidence we have to walk this life knowing almighty God is with us  That we have been given the authority and power to cast down everything that tries to set itself up against the working of God in our lives . The bible tells us we have the power to break down strongholds , we have the power to bring every thought into obedience to Christ and we have the power because of the Holy Spirit in us to be great witnesses and ambassadors of the Risen Saviour .

So no matter your frailties , your short commings , your failures , your bad decissions , your mess ups.....God still loves you ,He  has forgiven you , wants to spend quality time with you because your His ! There's nothing more important to God than His children . Your smallest care is known to Him , He sees the smallest of thoughts , knows your heart , and is always close to you.

So I dont know about you but I'm so glad that I have been given my own reset button and every day  I can push it by going to my Father and humbling myself before Him knowing He's waiting with open arms and so ready to help me through my journey.

Have a great day folks !!! Love yas    


Annette - July 18th, 2023 at 5:56am

It's amazing the power God has given me to fight the fight and yet I forget. My mind can then so quickly fall prey to the darkness...RESET!! I am a child of God!! Thank you Doug

Rosa - July 18th, 2023 at 10:47am

Thank you for the reminder of the message because I needed to be reminded I forget so esally. Have A great day love yas

Maegan - July 20th, 2023 at 4:21am

Thank you Doug! I’m thankful that with Jesus I can rest when I mess up or fail him. He’s always there to give me grace and take me into his loving arms.. I pray that I don’t forget this today, that I remember he doesn’t hold my sin against me he just wants me to come to him.





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