Miracle Worker.

Good morning everyone ,Doug here with this mornings Devo.

What a weekend , WOW !!! I am still thinking about the weekend even this morning. It was so Good to be together and worship together and fellowship together...It reminded me of the story in John 2 when Jesus was together with His disciples at a wedding feast . You Remember the story of His first public miracle when His mother Mary told Him that the wedding guest had run out of wine and asked Him for a miracle. I'm sure they were having a good time together , they were feasting and dancing and fellowshipping and Now His mother asks something of Him...So Jesus does His first public miracle and turns the water into wine and because this is His first public miracle it is considered the most memorable . It was certainly important not only because it's truly a work of the supernatural but also because it carries a message.

Theres a few things we can learn through this First miracle of Jesus that pertains to us here and now , the first is that Jesus can provide for our needs , we may not always get what we want but the power of the Lord can meet our needs to empower us to pursue a deeper relationship with Him and I'm seeing that in my personal life and as a body with the building project.

But I want to focus on the second lesson we can learn , and that is we need to focus less on the wine and instead focus more on the wine maker. You see the wedding guest in the story  never Got to know the winemaker because they were too focused on the wine. Sometimes we focus on the wrong things , we focus on the music , our time together , the food  , and dont see the miracle God has done in our midst this weekend and we become just wedding guest never seeing the hand of God and the supernatural power of God that moved this weekend and allowing that to motivate us to get to know the winemaker . Yes the wine was good but I want to know the Man who made it ..

Folks God did miracles this weekend , Opened the eyes of many , put doubts to rest , He put a flame back in peoples hearts  , and the reason for it is because there is a mission  , God doesnt want us just to sit and ponder about miracles but He wants us to beleive in Him and use that beleif to cause others to beleive in Him also.

The purpose of this weekend I beleive was part of his plan to show us His love for us , not for us to have our fill of wine ...God wants us to hear Him , and trust Him , and when we do He responds by His blessing in our lives..

These are exciting times Church ..God is moving , dont be satisfied with just drinking the wine , Know the winemaker , and as you know when the disciples got close to the Lord and followed Him they experienced miracle after miracle and watched as people were being drawn into the kingdom...

Have a geat day folks , Love yas all see you all tonight...


Colleen Boone - September 12th, 2023 at 9:16am

Thank you for the reminder Doug.

DOROTHY SAVOIE - September 13th, 2023 at 3:06am

Thanks God He isgetting closer to me.I do go toward Himby getting up and wordship Bible happy to get up to 0go to Him.I love Him so much.Thanks Doug

Maia - September 13th, 2023 at 6:00am

Excellent devo Doug! AMEN! I want to know the wine maker, more and more He is fabulous!!!

Line - September 13th, 2023 at 6:52am

Thanks Doug I want to know Him better every day. He is the one who do the miracle every day . Have a great beautiful day. 🙂




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