Journey forward

Good morning everyone it’s Devo time!

Let’s look back at what was spoken on Sunday. 

For the Christian, our life's journey is a physical and spiritual pilgrimage between the old way of life and our future life being with Christ.

Pastor Mona asked us this, “Will we journey forward in faith and victory with God or fall back in fear and live in the bondage of self-preservation and hopeless lies that refuse to believe in the promises of God.” Will we should to be rooted in faith? To be rooted is as followed. 

faith is to remain firm against any opposition that tries to move you. To be strong in times of weakness. To be confident despite being afraid. To know that these roots will not allow you to topple over, even when you’re swaying.

It is to refuse to walk in the ways of the unrighteous, and to ignore the taunts and challenges of the enemy. And with Christ, we can do all these things and more!

It is important to be mindful of where your roots not only start but the direction that they grow towards. If you want to grow, you have to constantly water yourself with the word.

Keep your faith in spite of your circumstances.

Make the decision to believe in better things.

Don’t stray from God’s path.

And make sure that you’re rooted in faith.


Erica - May 19th, 2023 at 10:50am

Thanks Jon!

Annette - May 20th, 2023 at 5:09am

Thank you for the great visual reminder of the need to develop strong roots! ❤️





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