Put on Christ

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday morning we heard a message by our brother Doug called "God's Closet" where we were encouraged to cloth ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ. As we learned, Jesus calls us to a life of opportunity and wonder when we go to His closet. We were challenged to wake up, get dressed by putting on Christ to reveal the glory of God to the world.

Here is a portion of an article by Pastor John Piper:
"Putting on Christ each day doesn’t mean wearing him as an imposition, or nuisance, or a burden. It means wearing him as protection—that is, trusting him, and wearing him as the supplier of all your future needs—that is, hoping in him—and wearing him as your supreme treasure—that is, loving him. Put on Jesus Christ means put him on as the parachute for your skydiving behind enemy lines. It means put him on as the high-impact protective anti-explosive suit when you disarm the bombs of the devil. It means put him on as the asbestos fire-proof suit when you rescue sinners from the flames of hell. It means put him on as a bullet proof vest when you confront the pistols of sin and unbelief. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ means put him on as a badge that admits you to all the resources of heaven that you need to do his will. It means put him on as the best intercom system that ever was so that there can be constant communication with the one whom you love above all others and who is himself everything you need. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ means trust him, hope in him, cherish him for all these things. So the night is far gone, the day is at hand; take off the pajamas of sin and put on the armor of light. The Christian life is not just waking; it is war. The armor of light is faith and hope and love. So put on faith in Jesus and hope in Jesus and love for Jesus. That is what it means to put on the Lord Jesus Christ."

May you be inspired, moved, and compelled today to do just that: put on Christ.
Go to the Bible and pull out those key passages from "God's closet" to wear today as you continue going forward as Christ followers!




Marcel - June 19th, 2023 at 5:22am

I like the reminder this morning ty Ashley 😊

Christy - June 19th, 2023 at 12:08pm


Almeda - June 22nd, 2023 at 8:48am


Very encouraging as we understand what it all means and how to wear the armor





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