Time is Short

Good morning everyone!
Hope you all slept well and are ready for a new day!
Yesterday morning we heard a very anointed message from Pastor Stan Mons called "The Trumpet".
Jesus could come back any time and in the twinkling of an eye our time here on earth will be up. This message was a great warning and encouragement to my own heart to really know who I am as His daughter, and to believe God with all my heart what He says about me. It's so important that we know that we know that we know who God says we are and how He sees us. When we know who we are it affects how we see life and how we take serious the things of God.
So many people around us are perishing and they need to hear the Gospel message through us! Now is the time.to rise us as sons and daughters of the Most High King and be who He has called us to be. We need to stop relying upon ourselves, the things of the world, or anything other than God. We need to chose today to put our trust in God alone. Time is short and we don't know the day nor the hour when Jesus will return. We can be all that we should be for those around us because His Holy Spirit lives in us and He won the victory! He gives us the power, the strength, everything we need to walk forward.
Choose to not waste another minute and do what God is asking you to do.

Love to you all! God bless you!



Marcel - November 6th, 2023 at 5:34am

Yes it was a powerful message and reminder!

I speak for myself that I can get so caught up in my daily routines that I forget that the Most High is right at the door, I pray for His guidance and voice be very sensitive to my ears. Abide with love and patience ❤️

DOROTHY SAVOIE - November 6th, 2023 at 6:33am

I did listen to Pastor Stan and I have a hard time to accept myself.I can be very hard on myself....I am my worst ennemy....judging myself.I do love God alot.Our Pastors wants the best for us which is God.God will set me free....He knows my struggles....where I come from....I will do what He puts in my hearth.....I do hear His voice.With the bunderies...I will grow.He will give me the strenght and courage.My brothers and sisters in Christ I am sorry for my actions not showing God.I talk alot to God.I love you s ...love my church.Pray for me.

Line - November 6th, 2023 at 6:46am

This message was really quite something. I know it speak to me. I don't know when exactly but something change in me. You know when you give your life to Gid how it is. Right now it's not like that for me. I want it back that's for sure. The one thing that I have difficulty with is the constant pain that I have every day doesn't matter where it is and also have a hard time to rejoice in that. I am being honest saying this. And I think it change something in me with my walk with God. I am praying that God will increase my faith like it was before. I can't do this with out him that know. I am nothing with out him. Thank you for this devo. Have a great day. ❤️

Rosa - November 6th, 2023 at 10:45am

It was a great reminding of the coming of the Lord and we have to be ready for our Lord and savior and I am so looking for it but I an also reminded to be ready to speak to people about our savior at all time

Colleen - November 6th, 2023 at 6:28pm

It was very powerful message. It really touch home.

Maegan - November 8th, 2023 at 4:26am

Thanks Ash!

For me this message really hit the mail on the head. It was so encouraging because I’ve been struggling with finding my place or “feeling good enough” for Gods kingdom… which is a complete lie! Throughout the whole week, Gods message to me and I’m sure to others, has been that we are HIS! He has already done everything for us to be united to him and all we have to do is meet up with him and believe what he says is true! For me, that shifted something in my heart, to know that I already have ALL of Jesus in me and all of the Holy Spirit in me to do his work. Yes I’ll fail and fall but I get back up and try again. I’m thankful for the messages this past week as it really helped me see where I stand in my relationship with Jesus, and that I need to accept and believe who I am in him because it’s already be said and done. Praying that God continues to work in my heart, to expose the areas that aren’t fully his and that I choose every day to surrender control over to him





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