Let there be peace

This is a part of a devotional I’ve been doing with a few of our youth. Peace is something we often hear many people are looking for, but cannot find. Too often, there seems to be no adequate answers to our human dilemma—especially to the question of why we feel so empty, void, and lacking peace. Furthermore, there appears to be no satisfactory reason for us to keep putting out our best efforts and still suffering with life’s adversities.

In this generations youth, we often hear the following., “I need peace.” Others would say, “I’m so lonely.” Some would say, “If my family would only love me as he/she should, then I’d be happy.” Different variations but all the same melody: “There’s something wrong ... I’m not happy. I have no peace. What’s wrong with me?”

Most who are victims of the messages of our secular society experience this void and don’t equate their problem with God. We’re constantly bombarded with society’s claims: “If only you were thinner, dressed with more style, drove a Jaguar, lived in a better part of town, made more money …” the list goes on and on. But none of the aforementioned highly-prized answers to our problems or any of the hundreds of others offered to us can permanently and satisfactorily provide what we desperately crave.

This generation is rightly looking for peace. Most of us feel strongly that we need something more—and the all-encompassing word that so well describes it is peace.
For the years that I’ve been alive and the many people I’ve met, I can tell you that
until you have peace with God, you will never experience true peace in this life.

I end with this quote by Augustine “you made us for yourself, and our hearts are forever restless until it rest in you.


DOROTHY SAVOIE - November 2nd, 2023 at 7:08am

Good morning I did experience God s Peace alot in my life.In the last year I ve struggled alot.Its for sure when I listen to God s voice I do feel more his Peace.Beeing self centered on myself staying on human side makes me so unhappy.I kniw God loves me in my head but not in my hearth.I am still looking for affectionand then feel so miserable.I ask God to show me His love...It says my action tells a story well tuesday night it did nt really said a good story....I am sorry I surrender again to God ask Him his forgiveness....looking foward to do better with His Grace.Looking the wrong place to be loved.I feel embarresed.Pastor Mona I am sorry.You are equal to all your sheeps full of love and compassion.We do have two very appreciated Pastors and a wounderful team.I am looking foward to have Gods Peace fullt.

DOROTHY SAVOIE - November 2nd, 2023 at 7:13am

I meant fully

Rosa - November 2nd, 2023 at 1:55pm

Thank you Jonathan for the devo I think that we all go through all kind one way or shape and don’t really don’t understand why and unless we go to the bible and and read it we will never really understand any of it I thing that only the Holy Spirit can show us why we really feel like that





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