time is running out

Good morning everyone , I hope you are well rested and ready for this day that God has given you to be all that you were created to be .
Sunday we heard a humbling message from Pastor Stan that caused me to think about just that .


For most we wake up everyday not understanding what our purpose is here on earth. Psalms 150:6 says let everything that has breath Praise the Lord. It doesn't say let everything that has breath complain , or let everything that has breath do his own thing no It says let everything that has breath PRAISE THE LORD ..That means praise him on the mountain , praise him in the valley praise him when were glad praise him when were sad , praise him when were down and praise him when we dont know what to do because He has everything we need , He has the answers  , He has the power and authority to make me a vessel that will glorify His name despite what I am going through and despite how weak I see myself as.

Thats why I can praise the Lord , it is He that makes me into what I need to be ,It is The Lord that fights my battles , It is the Lord that clears a path where everything seems to be getting in my road and whispers in my ear that I cant go foward . It's the Lord that reminds us that we can do all things through Christ that strenghthens us . Our Job is to praise the Lord. Praise him for the answers that are not here yet , praise Him for the things still not seen , Praise Him because He despite us will do a finished work in our lives...

So when you wake up in the morning Bend the knee , humble yourself before a Holy God that sees all things knows all things and can do all things . Humble yourself before the lord and he will lift you up James 4:10 


Colleen - November 7th, 2023 at 6:53am

Thank you Doug for the dev. I guess I needed that today.

DOROTHY SAVOIE - November 7th, 2023 at 8:31am

Got a year older today praying that this year I ll be having more wisdom.I have so much to praise God .I ve received so much.I have everything I need.Its true I ve been seeken for love...but not the good place.God has spoiled me so much throu others...this birthay is like christmas....Through the years I was very spoiled.I do praise God alot.God helps me through my battles he wants to set me free so I can show others that there is hope but not tuesday night I wasnt with God....got to get out of my 14 years ole mind.Keep me in prayers my beautyful family love yous.

Maegan - November 8th, 2023 at 4:32am

Thanks Doug!

I really like how you worded it all, because it’s so true! I tend to think, often times, that I have to do it on my own and I find myself stressing about how I’m going to be a good example for Christ and how am I going to be used by him but really all I need to do like you said is praise him for who he is and what he does through me and to BEND THE KNEE and HUMBLE myself before God because ultimately I’m not good enough to do it in my own strength… I need my Savior to go before me and lead me. Praying that God exposes the areas in which I have a hard time surrendering to him, that I humble myself before him and choose to trust him with my life and my day.

Line - November 8th, 2023 at 7:17am

It is so true that we complain for many things and times to times for everything. God is good at all times. We are more than blessed. I do myself sometimes complain about how it is in my own life. But God give me strength every day. He is always with me even though I don't see him . I need him more than ever. Complaining give us nothing. God give us everything. We , I need to let God do what He do best in me. Always one day at the time. Thank you Doug for reminded us . Have a great day . 🙂 ❤️





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