You Are Not Defined by Emotions

Good morning everyone!
Sunday Doug shared about how the spirit of rejection is an oppressive spirit that robs us of joy and peace. He also shared about how when we are oppressed it means that we are under mental pressure/distress. The spirit of rejection wants to affect our moods and emotions and prevent us from experiencing the freedom God so has for each of us.
Rejection capitalizes on our feelings and emotions and brings our pain center stage and causes us to be led by what we feel rather than what is true in our new nature and what He has for us today.

When we have lived a life of pain, rejection, abuse, addiction affects our belief system and how we view God, others, and even ourselves. We need to allow the Truth of God’s Word to renew, change, and transform the way we think and BELIEVE. Our belief system and  mindset has to change, but we have a choice to make. Will we believe God over the lies? Will we choose faith over fear? Will we make a commitment to set out on a journey and process healing with God? Or will we choose to keep believing the lies and stay stuck?

The amazing the thing is that our freedom comes in Christ and His power...not in our own...we simply have to have faith like a child and believe He can do this in us. One step at a time we can go on a healing journey and walk out of the rejection mindset and it's effects on our lives. He is faithful to do what His Word says it will do. Choose today to keep taking those steps forward into freedom.

Have a great day!



Line - November 29th, 2023 at 6:37am

Thanks Ashley ❤️ Yes we have a choice in everything. But how many time we say I have no choice ? I remember at the beginning of my walk I did say it very often until I realized that I have a choice in everything. I am not perfect in doing it but with the help of God it get way much better. Sometimes we don't want to choose because it's hard sometimes to do it right. It's only with the grace of the Lord that we are able to choose the right thing. Thank you for those devotions it help me to understand. 🙂❤

DOROTHY SAVOIE - November 29th, 2023 at 8:27am

I say wow on this one....Yes it is so true its a choice.For a long while did nt really let go stayed in the lieBut my joy and Peace was nt there.Putting pressure on someone else is not ok.Me I am trying so much on my own ..I get so tired.So I must learn to let go and let God do it.I am starting to understand more.I had such a hard time with the word father.I would want to go hide under the chair at the prayer group.I was rejected by my parents but later on in life I called my grand mother and asked can I return at your place she answered I need to talk to the otheres first I taugh she would be so happy so did I ever feel so dirty was after the abuse with my father.I fely hurtedbbb but I did return.In about the past 8 months I have struggled so so much...gee not happy cried alot .I found life so hard.Coming from my past with rejection and sexually abused I didnt know what was mind got so confuse.I PROMISE MYSELF TO NEVER GET ATTACH AGAIN,But I know only God can help me.





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