Who We are

Living Hope wants to make a lasting difference in your life, your family, and the community you live in. Our driving purpose is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We are affiliated with the Church of God whose head office is located in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Our mission:
what we have been called to do


    Connecting with God and fellow believers...

    No matter where you are in life, or what your social status or life situation is, we will help you figure out the next steps in your journey with Christ. We desire to help you grow closer to God while building relationships with other people. We want to help you get to know God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which will enable you to become the person He created you to be.   

  • GROW

    Growing relationally with God and fellow believers...

    As your life starts to transform through your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and other believers, we will encourage you to continue that transformation. Through the reading of God’s Word, prayer, hearing the uncompromising teaching of the Bible, and having fellowship with other believers, you will become a living testimony of God’s grace and love to a lost world. Through individual counseling, mentoring, as well as participating throughout different ministries, you will deepen and nurture your personal relationship with God.   


    Serving for the Kingdom as fellow followers of Christ...

    As the body of the church of Christ we are called to serve one another out of a heart of servant-hood. Serving in any way possible for the Kingdom of God helps to spread the love of Christ to others around us. 

  • GO
    Going out into the world sharing the love of Jesus Christ...   

    We serve in many different ways, but there’s one common thread. We are passionate about demonstrating God’s love to others through small acts of kindness done with great love. As believers that have been transformed by the power of God, we are propelled to go out into a lost and hurting world to give hope and share the love of Jesus to all of His Creation.   


Living Hope's major emphasis is sharing the love of God to a world seeking for answers. We believe small acts of kindness done with great love can change an individual and a community. Our Pastor's believe that God has called Living Hope to be a testimony of His power and love in our town, city, nation and ultimately around the world.


    We are a mission focused congregation and we give to those in need throughout our community and world. Depending on where the needs may be, our mission focus changes throughout the year.   


    Whether it’s volunteering, lending a helping hand or simply encouraging someone, we believe in the importance of showing God’s love to those in our community. Whenever a need arises we are more than eager to help out.


    Here at Living Hope we believe in allowing people’s talents and giftings to be used to further the Kingdom of God. As the hands and feet of Christ we encourage each other to take part in the different ministries here at Living Hope. Whether it’s helping out with the hospitality ministry, the sound ministry, the cleaning ministry, and many others, we believe in the importance of coming together as a team to get the job done, ultimately glorifying our Heavenly Father. 


    Here at Living Hope we are firm believers in discipleship ministry. As part of our mission being “To Make Disciples of Christ”, we provide mentoring and different Biblically based courses, studies and teachings that allow people to further their understanding of who God is. We are adamant on creating a firm foundation on which to build the knowledge of God upon, which all start with message of The Gospel.